Window Regulator Repair Cost

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This makes typical total costs (parts and labor) of about $125-$600 or more. For example, San jose auto repair [3] in California estimates average costs of $49-$99 for diagnosis (this fee is applied toward the total repair costs) and $169-$259 to replace a window regulator on most vehicles.

The average cost for a door window regulator replacement is between $270 and 9. labor costs are estimated between $79 and $100 while parts are priced between $191 and $269. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. View repair cost for my car.

Power window motor + switch repair Window Motor regulator replacement service What is the Window Motor/Regulator Assembly all about? The window regulator typically has over a dozen components that help it move up or down in a very specific fashion throughout the entire raising or lowering of your windows.

A window regulator replacement rate would run from $125 to $1,000. The average window regulator cost runs from $40 to $300 for that car part alone. Since your car’s windows are not moving up nor down, you will be forced to open your car door in order do what you need to do.

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professional glass repair, including new glass and labor, has a frustrating tendency to cost exactly a few dollars less than … Raise or lower the window-height-regulator mechanism to its service …

Once back in town, and with a really stylish garbage bag taped over the door, it was time to work on a replacement … reproduction window regulators for the C5. In fact, Zip Products had the perfect …

sample window regulator Repair Costs A window regulator is a component that cars with or without power windows will have that lowers and raises the window. It works with the motor, in cars with power windows, to operate them.

Here we highly recommend a SACER window regulator replacement to you. SACER products is the most cost-effective choice, you can trust us and rest assured to purchase. Every unit is under two years …

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Window regulator repair cost at a shop. Around $600 (customer retail price). However, an aftermarket window regulator retails for around $150 (lifetime warranty). So your complete window regulator repair cost should be around $230 to $275. If the sash clips are broken, add in another half hour labor and an extra $40 for the cost of new clips and special glass epoxy.

Benet says a typical power window repair costs between $325 and $475. Karam says a common repair is to replace the motor and regulator assembly, which typically costs between $275 and $400 depending …

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